Have you ever fell for your close friend (girl) and did she loved you back?

I want to know if anyone of you have ever fell for your close friends (girl or guy) and if it worked or what else happened. You are all welcome to share your experience with me as I need help with this.


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  • my best friend confessed me that she was in love with me, but I had to explain him that if we had a relationship we were going to ruin our friendship, and thatbi rather having him as my bff than my lover so we still bff's

    • I agree with you that having that special person in life somehow is better than not having them at all. Thanks for your response.

  • Many times, I always fall for my guy friends. I've dated a few of them, but it never really works out mostly because they end up being different as partners than as friends (in a bad way).

    • Thanks for your response. One more thing: do you think that is it always you who take the initiative and tell them or the person you fell for has taken the initiative for you as well?

    • No problem! So far it's definitely them whom always take the initiative because I've always been super shy, I'm just terrified of rejection honestly. I try to flirt and just be sort of subtle when I like them, but never direct.

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