How to make a move/Get him to make a move?

Okay so I've liked one of my very good guy friends for a few months now, and we're in a friend group together. Rumour has it he likes me as well (since June, apparently. I actually started liking him because I was told he liked me). We're becoming closer and talking more often, and he always does stuff like asking me to leave my class to hang out with him during his spare period (who needs math anyways), and stuff like that. We were both going to enroll for the same course, but I couldn't take it because it messed with my timetable, so I told him to take a class that I'm already enrolled for, and he actually did it without any convincing. Most of the people in our friend group (he's the only guy) are aware of the two of us supposedly liking each other (but I actually talk to them about it because we (the girls) are closer). Anyways, both of us are really shy when it comes to flirting and romantic stuff. Neither of us have ever dated (unless you count middle school), and we're both pretty self conscious people. I asked him to the movies recently, and we went (just the two of us) and it was fun, but nothing came of it. He's been wanting to watch a few different movies/tv shows and keeps asking me to watch them with him (obviously I said yes). Also let it be known that we haven't really broken the touch barrier at all. We high five a lot, and if were sitting across/beside each other, were almost always bumping legs. Once at a hang out when us and our 2 friends were sitting on a couch, my friends knew I was too much of a weenie to put my head on his shoulder so they literally shoved me into him and I had my head on his shoulder for 10 minutes. He didn't reciprocate in anyway, but he didn't squirm/move away/act weird, and was normal about it. So how do I further this? How can I make a move or get him to do it?

Tldr: me and a boy are good friends, in same friend group, supposedly like each other (for a few months), been getting closer, he always asks me to leave class to hang, haven't really broken the touch barrier but one time my friends body checked me into him and i had my head on his shoulder and he acted normal (didnt get uncomfortable, but didn't reciprocate). asked him to the movies, nothing hapened there. he's asked me to watch lotr with him a few times. how do i make a move/get him to do it?


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  • If he weren't somewhat interested, he would've not kept inviting you to do things together. So keep hanging and he probably will.


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