Would she ever forgive me?

I sent a girl message that went something like this: I'm not going to send you anymore messages because, you're trying to forget about me and I'm not making it easier for you. So this is the last time I try to contact you. Ducky, you kept giving to me, and I took advantage of it. I took and took and took until there was nothing left to take, and that's not what love should be about. I said that you weren't the one, that you wouldn't let me change. I blamed you for it all. I was wrong to do that to you. The pain and suffering I put you through. You didn't deserve that. When I said you weren't the one, I was telling you something that I should have told myself. Im not the one for you. You had someone who loved you and you trusted him. And I ruined that. You left a good man for an alcoholic, dirt bag. Even though you weren't happy in that relationship, he was still the best guy for you. Im not playing the guilty card here. Im not trying to make you feel sad for me. Im done hurting you, and im done brining pain and misery to your life. You deserve better than that. I said things to hurt you because I wanted to hurt you the way you hurt me. But you never hurt me. You never threw away the good memories we had together. I did when I lied to you. I threw everything away because I made a mistake. Blaming you was stupid and trying to hurt you showed me that I haven't changed. That I was still on that dark road. I love you ducky and I never truly showed you that. You were and are, the best thing to happen to me. when I finally change to being a person that treats the love of his life like a princess, I hope that you can be back in my life. Maybe not as my wife, but as a friend. Im sorry that it took me a long time to finally realize all of this. Your happiness, your trust, and your love was important to me, and I hope, one day, I can try to earn that all back. Im sorry this had to end this way ducky, and Im sorry that I blamed you. Will she forgive me for the mistake I made?


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  • Seems like round 2 about to begin


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  • maybe she will forgive u but she will definitly not get back with u. all she would probably do is be ur friend & thats it. cuz thats really messed up what u did. if someone did that to me i would never get back with him cuz i would be fed with him hurting me & i would look for a guy whos way sweeter & better.

  • you probably put her through to much bs. you have to keep trying


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