What to do when you think you found the one?

This sounds absolutely asinine; however, i think i recently found the one. As in someone i could truly spend my life with. I've had my fair share of dating for being young yet none of them seemed to work out. They all started out what seemed to be great then the evolved into constant arguing so i ended it. Multiple times, but this one just from the beginning clicked. Like we joked around and said we could be soul mates, and now its really starting to look that way. I've just never experienced such a great feeling from a human being. I tend to mess everything up by moving too fast and having trust issues (previous highschool sweetheart cheated with friend), i am well aware of my flaws I just do not know how to overcome them. Any suggestions?

tl;dr - I have trust issues and i move relationships too fast, this one is a keeper. How do i not fuck up?


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  • Fucking go for it man! What are you waiting for? Stop second guessing yourself, and make it happen. If your trust issues or your "flaws" or whatever prevent her from wanting to be with you, then she's not the one. If she's really your soulmate, then there's nothing you could ever do or say that would stop her from wanting to be with you. Period.

    • that actually helps more than anything. thank you.

    • I'm really glad that that helped you! Because I've been there, and believe me, it's the truth. If she's the one, then there's literally nothing you could do that could keep her away from you. I don't care how insecure, silly, jealous, stupid, ridiculous, imperfect you think you're being. You could say all the wrong things and she'll still want to be with you.. IF she's right for you, that is. Because when someone loves you, they can't help it. It has nothing to do with what you do or say. Loving a person goes way beyond that. So be yourself, completely and unapologetically, and if she likes you for who you are then fucking great! If not, then she needs to kick rocks. Never sacrifice who you are to please someone else.

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  • Be relaxed, don't become predictable and if she likes you now, don't change yourself or your behaviour.

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