Seriously people, I have lived in vegas for 4years now and haven't had a relationship since in cali. Then I moved out here, but anyways... ?

The question i really wanna know is Is it weird that i dont want a relationship until i have the big three a car, a job, and my own place all at once? or am i just thinking to much and find myself a woman now. would she be more loyal that way or its doesn't matter. My heart wants to settle down have a couple kids. While my brain says fuck that i need the big three fuck everything else.


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  • I dont think its weird or wrong at all that you want to establish yourself first. Matter fact a girl would appreciate a guy who is independent and has his own place & car. It shows to them that he's hard working & built a life for himself. You could date a woman now & be fine too but I think its a good idea to accomplish those goals first. :)


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