@Girls: Have you dated someone for purposes other than romantic (e. g. just to get out and do something)?

@Girls: Have you dated someone:
(1) just to get out and do something;
(2) for the places he would take you;
(3) just for his looks;
(4) reasons other than romantic (please write-in using comment section)

... okay guys answers are okay, too (assume the appropriate pronoun in the poll). Would like to hear what the girls have to say

  • Just to get out and have fun
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  • Going to nice, interesting, and/or adventurous places
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  • Just because he was hot
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  • Reasons other than romantic
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  • Just show me the frickin answers
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  • wow definitely not. if I'm in a relationship, I'm in it because i see a future. a long future, and i wish to explore that.


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  • I do this a lot. Sometimes its just nice to go out somewhere fun with a nice guy who finds you attractive and tells you you're beautiful, and enjoy each others company baggage free

  • Yes for all of those reasons in some situations. or for sexual pleasure.


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