So I've been seeing this guy for about a week and a half?

So I've been seeing this guy for about a week and a half. We have slept together multiple times, and I have also stayed at his place a few nights in a row. The way he talks to me, the things he says about wanting to be with me and the way he touches me, holds my face, rubs my back, kisses my forehead and plays with my hair. For the last week he has been SO into me. Even questioning me "are you tired of me yet? Because I couldn't get tired of you". Slept at his house last night, he left for work this morning, told me to sleep in and gave me multiple kisses and cuddles on my neck before work. I text him twice today and no reply.. What is up?

If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, should I text him? The fact that he talked about "us" last night has me confused affffff.


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  • you're over thinking, he is probably busy
    you can't expect people to answer immediately

    • We're talking about a text at 2pm.. He likesy status at 7pm and I text at 9pm with no response.. Busy.. Or bored with me? Let's be honest..

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    • honesty as an outside perspective, this relationship started way too fast
      give him time, there's honestly thousands of reasons why this is happening and its hard to tell

    • Definitely not in "relationship" status yet. Guess it's a "situationship" or "talking" kind of thing. But guys are so misleading, it's unreal sometimes. Girls can be too, but if I'm at your house 3 nights in a row, that's not too misleading.. You know I'm interested. But guys can sweet talk you to death, then vanish for a day and it seems to be "okay" in their eyes. I'm not a needy person, but I'm not one to wait around or wonder. Be straight up with me. So I'm not sure how to approach that kind of crap.

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  • That's too much for a week. Shit that comes on strong too fast fades fast. It needs to start slow then build to that kinda intimacy. There's literally nothing you can feel besides "like" and "lust" within a week

    • That's what I was thinking.. But he was always the one who did everything first. Said the night we met just felt like it was meant to happen. Happen? Be clearer dude...

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    • At this point i'd be like "so be real with me, wtf is going on here?" but im blunt. I don't think it'd be weird to ask... not because not texting is so bizarre but because the rest of his behaviour is it's good to have a no bullshit talk anyway

    • I'm thinking the same.. If nothing is responded to by noon tomorrow.. What could it hurt? This is by far the strangest thing. And I'm not fee needy type of chick, I usually spot signs a mile away and leave it be when I do. but I never spotted one sign with him. So
      I don't see one thing wrong with being blunt?

  • Oooohhhh oooohhhh... this sounds like bad news. Yet try giving him time he might be busy.

    • Isn't that weird though? He's been the "giddy" one. Alway texting me first, calling me baby.. Being extra sweet, then boom.. Silence today. No reply, yet is on Facebook liking my post from today. Just freaking weirddd.

    • Egggghhhh just trying to get missed and chased after. Ignore him for a while.

    • Ignore him or be straight forward. "What is up"

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