We're waiting until I get out of high school to date, will this work?

my best friend is a sophomore in college, and I'm a junior. we did everything together this summer and ended up liking each other a lot, but we want to wait until I graduate until we start dating, I feel like this is a recipe for disaster.

have you been in this situation before? what should we do?

a junior I and high school I mean.


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  • Your barely 16 and he's already 19 or 20. It sounds like it's already a recipe for disaster if you ask me. Not only that but you've still got a few more years of experiences and growing up, so you might think differently by the time your 18 and graduating. It's a little silly to hold a promise of two years given your ages and your differences. I'd stick with guys your age for now, and then when you yourself are off in college, you should date whoever. But it sounds more or less like he's hoping you'll stay loyal to him, when there really isn't any good reason to.


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  • I think waiting is a really good idea even though the wait is a killer. But it can really make relationships better this way if you do start dating after you graduate it shows both of you how much ye care for each other and like each other by willing to wait. Even though the age gap between the two of you mightened be big going from high school to college is a huge change so at least this gives him the chance to do that. My brother and his girlfriend started out as best friends decided they liked each other but he went to australia for a year for sport reasons they decided to wait till he came home now they've just gotten engaged! he still says that he's not sure if they would have lasted if the relationship started before he left so see dosen't all end in disaster!

    • What if we decide to see other people?

    • Well then maybe things worn't ment to be? I know that sounds awful now since you like him but stop thinking so negetively things might end up great don't worry! and don't rush yourself if you want to see someone else do if you don't then wait until you gradate!