He won't return my calls and I don't know why?

\My ex and I were together for 2 and a half years. 2 months ago I broke it off. I was still in love with him but he did something that was really wrong and really hurt me (not cheating) and there were a few other small problems also.

I was over him but a few days later he called me telling me how much he missed and loved me and wanted to fix things. I said no, but he kept trying. For a month he was sending me love letters and saying and doing all the right things.

I finally decided that we can try things out one more time.

He mentioned that he first wanted to take a month to himself to get his life together and find a job because he wants to come back to me a better man. He said he didn't want us to have to break up again.

He was going through some issues so this seemed normal.

We got together that weekend for bowling and dinner on saturday (sept 12) and we texted once on sunday. I called and text him once on Wednesday and left a voice mail because he had asked me over the weekend if we can get 2gether 4 a movie during the week before he takes a month to himself...and he has not gotten back to me. It is now the following Saturday(Sept 22) and I have not heard from him.

It is driving me nuts! We were together for a long time and he tried so hard to get me back, just to ignore me? I don't understand. What can be going on, and should I call back? I don't want to call again and seem desperate but I need to know what happened, then I will gladly move on because I gave him a 2nd chance and he blew it.


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  • Hi

    Could he be doing this on purpose ? i.e playing games so you fall for him again or just to get back at you ?

    I think something is definitely up ... maybe he could have met someone?

    but listen you wondering like you are is exactly what he wanted if he is doing this in a calculated way soooo is he worth your trouble ?

    are you over him ? I would just move on , I know easy to say but he is causing you grief and you don't deserve this.

    good luck

    • Thank you for answering. I do want to move on, I understand that what he is doing is wrong. As much as I want to be, I am not over him. I can't just fall out of love that fast. I'm no sure if maybe he will call me after he takes his whole month off but I feel that at some point I do need to speak to him. I need answers as to what happened...or at least to end this on a good note. I don't want to leave the situation knowing nothing you know?