Harmless flirting.. Or something more?

The things he does/says
1.) He flirts with me every time we work together
2.) He mentioned a couple days ago, how he wanted to get intimate with me while at work
3.) He reminds me how he is a good guy
4.) He told me what I need to do in order to be a good wife
We have been flirting with each for a long time now, but the only thing that holds me back... he's married. So is it just harmless flirting or not?


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  • The at-work wife fantasy is afoot
    and will never become the at-home wife, not even a single date leading toward such.
    He would be better off treating you like a buddy/sister to obtain the same endorphins he gains from these interactions but it's in this vein he feels enough superiority (if you are NOT married) to preach and become "admired" as your tutor.
    If you'll treat him as a big brother
    make every effort to be friends with the wife
    not make a move on him, stiffarm him when weak/tempted to pursue you
    then maybe you can wait this marriage out & catch him on the rebound
    otherwise, doom awaits you


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  • why you asking this? =) why his opinion is so important? what you wanna do with him?

    because it looks harmless flirting but still it is flirting..


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