Terrified of relationships and everything that comes with it?

Gahh okay, so I'm a young women who's never been in a serious relationship before, recently I met an older boy who genuinely likes me for me. But that's what scares me. I'm terrified of emotionally investing myself in another person and being let down. I know all this man wants is to be with me, he's made it more than clear. He offers to buy me whatever I want, he treats me like a princess. But yet I'm still scared that he's going to hurt me. Is it even worth it? Another part of the relationship that is an issue with me is sex. I'm a virgin, he isn't, he's also well aware that I'm a virgin. I'm incredibly insecure about the way my body looks naked, I'm a bigger girl, I do have my days when I feel wayy bigger than I am, and then some days when I see what he sees and I'm like "dat ass". I've heard him say that his "ideal girl" is fit. So in my mind all he'd think about once he finally saw me naked would be like "gross, I don't want to touch her". So basically I'm terrified of everything that comes with relationships, especially the sex part. I'm dreading it. Does anyone have any encouraging words to help me get over it?


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  • Do not stop yourself from doing anything out of fear, because you might regret it. Life is too short to worry.

    Try doing stuff to help yourself feel more confident in your own skin: work out, find a sport you like. You could also find yourself a passion, something you're good at (doesn't even have to be a sport). Just find ways to be more confident about who you are, because it is true that nobody can love you, until you learn to love yourself.

    And take things slow with the guy, don't do anything you aren't comfortable doing.

    If he is with you, it is because he likes you and wants to. Don't doubt yourself, I'm sure you're an amazing woman and you deserve everything he gives you and you deserve to be happy ! :) As you said, hemade it pretty clear he wants to be with you. Just enjoy it and don't worry about the future :)

    Hope that helped, the best of luck to you! :)


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  • I think its worth it, why live in fear.

  • Nope. You just do it. Mating happens regardless of your mentality 90% of the time.

  • Never mind about the what if's and the future when it comes to this stuff. Throw yourself in the deep end and cross those bridges when you approach them.

    You like him and he likes you. That's all that matters. Go and get him Tiger, RAWR.


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