Breakup / Dissappearence?

So i was dating this guy and he suddenly dissppeared. We met last on Dec 21, exchanged our Christmas gifts where we were deciding on our next date. We exchanged texts but he was very minimal in his response. No sign of breaking up or wanting space... we exhanged our text till Friday , he sent text in Satturday Dec 26 but i was inable to reply. I text him Sunday evening, no response then on Tuesday no response again. I sent the last text on last Saturday but again nothing in return. He has not blocked me anywhere like on his phone, whaatsaap or returned my gift back to Macys. Nothing unusual happened besides that he is stresseed out lately but no sign of break or anything. I think its very disrespectful, what should i do?


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  • Forget him. Some guys are selfish and real lazy. He could have some stress in life but that still doesn't mean its acceptable to leave people hanging. These type of guys you call cowards and ones with no balls. They deal with things by running away or ignoring people. They either can not be honest and say it's over, or they seeing someone else. He may never reply now. Your not to blame. These separate the boys from the real men. No mattwr what age a guy can act an behave like a boy. Its just immaturity.

    • Yes that's what everyone is telling me but I genuinely loved this guy n fail to understand what went wrong? We both are in our early 30s, i just can't grasp it. We are not teenagers so kind of hard digest this but I appreciate your reply :)

    • I m new to this website, not sure how to use it

    • The green is upvote lol which means u agree. Well no matter the age guys can be so immature