Is it a promise I have broken or simply something that happens to us all?

It's hard to explain but I've been running on bad fortune this month and every time I promise her to a date, I get informed that an exam or a meeting or some kind of disaster is going to happen the exact day the exact time we're dating
Luckily I had time to cancel the date and not stand her up, but I'm worried that she would get bored with my cancelling, feels like I'm breaking a promise with her
And to tell you the truth I just miss her so much I just wanna see her and her her laughing and being happy, I just don't know what exactly is going on that ruins our dating

So what do you think, is it just negative to promise then cancel or it isn't that bad?


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  • Buy flowers. Tons of flowers. ALL the flowers. Then bring them to her.

    If you see any flowers on your way there, you need to stop and re-evaluate the situation... it means you missed some.

    When you've given her ALL the flowers, she will take it as a sign that you genuinely care about her and that you are sorry for what happened. Yes, you broke a promise, but probably for a good reason. You owe her an apology, cause shouldn't use promises if you can't keep them, but she'll forgive you if she knows your heart is in the right place.

    Seriously though. EVERY flower. Respond to this message so I know you understand the meaning of the word "every".

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