Advice, good or bad thing to do?

I'm talking to this girl over Facebook since she goes to school In other state. How do I make her fall for me over Facebook or get her to go out? Would you just ask if she's inteested going out or not?

What do you think if you ask a girl for advice and then say you like this girl and are taking. To her over Facebook. Ask her if it was her what would she want. Then tell her it's you?


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  • Generally if you're chatting to a girl over Facebook the best way to see if their interested in meeting up is just to say something like "would you feel like grabbing a coffee together sometime?"
    It's both casual enough to be friendly but since its just the two of you it's also sort of a date. :)
    (Bonus tip. take along playing cards! If the conversation dies down then you can always challenge them to a game of speed/spit or Shed (also known as Shit-Head) or something like that. That way you won't be struggling for conversation. :) )

    • Thats a great idea thanks. I just don't want to be awkward. Because when she's come from collage we do see each other passing around church. But we aren't close. Any I'm a shy type so I can just go up and start a conversation. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    • Thanks for the advice

    • No worries, I hope it works out for you! :)