How do I get out of the friend zone, has anyone gotten out if so how?

I've loved my guy friend for three years and recently told him, he has said he sees us as best friends. He said he saw me at a club or bar he would have sex with me he said it's just cause were friends that he doesn't try so he must find me some kind of attractive. How do you get out of the friend zone?


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  • I've never had a girl make it out of the friendzone for me but from a guys perspective what would work probably work is coming up to me and saying something like "I know we're good friends but I can't stand to just be your friend anymore, I feel like I love you and if we can't be something more than just friends I'm going to have to move on." You have to demonstrate to this guy that you're friendship is over if he doesn't at least give you a shot, all the girls who have tried to get out of the friendzone for me have told me they really like me and I tell them that I don't want to risk losing them as a friend but they always stop being friends with me after this happens so you have to make it obvious to this guy that you can't be friends anymore unless he gives you an opportunity. Good luck I hope this helps you out :)

    • Thank you! I'm just afraid of losing him in the process. I think I just need to work out more and eat less

    • Glad I could help :)

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