If you go on date (Tinder etc) and have only seen a face photo, what do expect for the body?

I have only face photos on Tinder at the moment. I'm a bit chubby and I'm wondering if guys are expecting me to be slimmer than I am… Nobody has said anything negative but I can't help worrying about disappointing them if they prefer slim girls. And I could put a picture with my body on but I don't have any good ones at this weight, and I definitely don't wanna put out old pictures when i was skinnier…

If they ask I tell them honestly that I have a bit extra weight but if they don't, I don't know how to bring that up.
So, in case you go out with someone you have only seen a face photo of, what do you expect?


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  • you ask for a body pic straight up before anything even gets started lol.

    but if it says in your profile like "some weight" or something like that option, I don't know what its called, then it leaves enough to a guy's imagination and he shouldn't really be surprised when he meets you.

    • Haha :D Guys have never asked one from me now when I don't have. I don't usually talk to guys who don't have a body pic lol!

      On Tinder there is not really any options to describe your body type… Most of them have asked me out again so I guess I can't be that bad but I'm just wondering.

    • oooh. yeah im not familiar with Tinder. but hey if your experiences so far have hence been good then you're doing it right!

  • I don't use Tinder, but I'd assume if there's only a face shot, that they'd be hiding something.


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