How to tell if a girl likes you or is just being nice?

So I have a crush on this girl in one of my college classes. We've only known one another for a week, but the first day of class we met for an hour and studied together. She also tries to get my attention when we're together. At the same time though, I feel like she could just be making friends. So, could it be that she's being friendly or that she may have feelings for me?


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  • dude it has been only a week why the rush? girls dont usually rush they would like to know the guy more before stepping into things but if you want to know if she likes you or not , the thing is she is starting to like you and she seems shyly about it how to tell a girl if she likes you?
    - she tidy up her hair a lot when you are around her
    - she laughs at your joke like a 16 years old girl
    - she smiles a lot
    - she try to make eye contact but not too much because she doesn't
    want to make it too obvious
    she likes you but its just that she is backing up when you said " making friends " because it might be
    because she doesn't know you enough but she wants to know plus its too early for confession you are overly thinking but yes she is starting to like you. hope this helps.


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  • I'm just wondering what you could study for an hour on the first day... college really is that much work, huh?
    Dude it's only been a week, give her time and get to know her a bit more.