How should I ask her out again?

So I met this girl on new years eve and I asked her out few days later. Se said sure with smile, but currently doesn't have time because she has to study a lot. I was okay so we we arrange something next week. she responded with ok. after that I asked her about some movie which I saw she liked, and her response was haha, so you are stalking me, and when i said i am not with smile she didn't respond back at all.. now i am afraid she thinks I am stalker and I haven't heard from her about five days, but I dont want to call her first because I am not stalker. Should I wait if she comes back to me or just ask her out again now when she has time?


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  • I think you should ask her out again. Or just tell her you like her. If she keeps ignoring the subject she may not be into you.


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