Does he like me or is he just a tease or does he just think of me as a friend? Scenario below?

I was hanging out with a guy last night that has been trying to hang out with me for a little over a week and we really got each other. It was really casual, we went to a couple of different stores to find something and then I ended up letting him drive my car around town for a while. Then we went back to Walmart, where his car was, and sat in the car for about an hour talking. We were holding hands and I would occasionally graze his knuckles across my jawline, because it feels so good and noticed that Id done that a couple of times and said "you like that, Huh" and then took his hand out of mind and started doing it himself. He went from my chin, across my jawline, through my hair to the nape of my neck, for about 20 mins while we were talking because he could tell I liked it. When he had to leave he pulled me in and kissed me on the cheek. But he didn't text me later that night and hasn't talked to me today and we usually text everyday. What's your opinion on this situation?


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  • From what you've said it seems like he's interested in you. He may have just let his phone run out of charge or something but it's more likely that he's wondering what you're thinking about what happened too. If you've not texted him either then it might be that he's waiting for you to text too :P
    If you have texted and he's not responded then give it a few more days. Some guys (silly guys) play a bit of a dating game where they think they have to wait 3 days after something happens before calling or texting because otherwise they look desperate.
    I think it's a bit too early to tell whether he really likes you or he's just considering it. My advice is to keep texting him and if he doesn't reply by the end of the week then start giving up on him. (don't flood him with texts though. Maybe one every day or two days. :) )

    Hope my opinion helps you decide what to do. :)

    • I did text him, but I'll wait til Sunday to get a text back, and if he hasn't yet, I might text again.. But I do know for a fact that he likes independent girls. At the same time, I also know that he loves when attention is paid to him, so it kinda makes it hard to be independent and reach out to him.

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    • Honestly, I kinda think I messed it up and made him mad.

    • I don't know. There's nothing in your story that would suggest anything went wrong so unless there was something else then I wouldn't think about it too much until a few more days have passed. :)

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  • He is probably worried about coming over so keen. Just initiate convo yourself.

    Also. He could just be busy.

  • Ahw, I guess he likes you.
    I tend to fall silent after I met someone I like, though I'm actually just waiting for them to text me, because I want to see if I'm importent to them, if they like my company and so on.

  • Giving room between conversations. Texting doesn't have to be daily, since it can get overwhelming.

  • He probably likes you, doesn't want to come off as needy.


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