What are your thoughs on a random Twitter add of this girl I saw and though might be interested?

its a small town and attracted to this girl but we don't really know much about each other but have a lot in common . I've seen her twice in last while , once at subway and she seemed attracted to me but was with father so I didn't make a move obvivously and recently also saw her at a country bar and she also noticed me and i think she knows I'm interested but we didn't really talk much that night , she's active online and has a bunch of social media pages , I've been using Twitter a lot lately and saw her page and though about trying to just add her and see if she says anything back , what are your thoughs , I'd prefer to talk to her in person but really not sure where I'd even see her , I go to that bar a lot and that was first time I had seen her there she's not a regular


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  • Just add her, I doubt she'd mind.


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  • i stw guys think just smiling at you equals that we're interested. Add her, but don't be disappointed if she is a bit creeped out

    • I'm not sure how she'll react either but won't send her anything and won't like any posts that might be seen as too sexual , I saw a post where she said something about how she spent $50 on a bra , I will avoid that one

    • Haha :) Well if you start out by not sending a typical message, then she might respond

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  • There's no harm in adding her online, especially if you've talked a bit already. If you prefer to talk in person and she seems interested then you can always use her online accounts to ask her if she'd like to meet up for a coffee at some point. :)

    • I think i'll give it a try , looks like she's online now though not sure I should do it rate away or how she'll react at this stage or if Twitter is a good way to try and get to know someone

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    • I find Facebook is more for people who there already close friends with than people they don't know yet , I never had good luck on that site unless I really knew the girl already and even then it wasn't the best option I had to talk to them

    • That's fair enough. :)
      Use whatever you feel comfortable with. I hope it goes well for you! :)

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