Should I tell my parents I am going on a date? If so, how (it is tomorrow)?

Me and this guy have gone out more than a few times already. I feel like I should tell them soon. My parents have met home briefly at church before, but not much else. Should I see how this date goes and then choose if I tell them? Life you have any experience with this please tell me what you did. Any other advice pertaining to this issue?


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  • Do they already know you have a boyfriend? If they do you could always bring him home for your date (ask parents' first). If they don't know you have a boyfriend, tomorrow might be too soon for them to meet. You should tell them both (or which ever parent you're more comfortable with) that you like a guy and you were considering going on a date with him

    • No, they don't know but I have just been telling them I am hanging out with friends. My parents are fine with me going out.

    • I just will need to tell them at some point in time, probably next date if tomorrow goes well.

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  • You dont have to tell them its a date. You can say that you are going to hangout if you are not comfortable with telling them its a date.

    • That's what I have been doing, and probably will until a little longer

  • Just tell them you're seeing your friend *his name* and when you start dating more, they'll just know.

    • It seems like an awkward conversation to tell them I have a boyfriend, especially when I haven't before. So that would be a way to tell them through actions?

    • They always know when you just see the person more often or talk on the phone a lot. They always assume it's a boyfriend or at least interested, even when he really is just a friend. So yea, just tell them when you're going to see him, and make it obvious when you talk to him.

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