I confessed my feelings. She said she needed time to think. How long should I give her?

I confessed my feelings to this girl, and she said she was confused and wasn't sure if she felt the same way and wasn't sure if she wanted to be a bf/gf relationship. Said she needed time to think. How much time should I give her? Should I try to contact her at all? Or should I just wait for her to contact me? If she doesn't contact me, I guess it's over then?


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  • You should wait for her to contact you. Don't bring it up again. You want to be with someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them. You should never have to persuade someone to be with you… you are worth more than that.

    • So how long should I wait? How long time should past before it's definitely over :(

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    • Hello! It went well! We didn't talk more about defining the relationship specifically, but had a good time overall. She was wearing necklace I got her for new years, and I think I might be seeing her again too!

    • glad to hear it!

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  • Wait for her to contact you, but stay in touch with her, just don't pressure her whole you wait, she may or may not realize that she likes you back and if she does she will let you know, good luck

    • How long should I wait?

      How can I wait, but not contact her, but stay in touch with her. =( Woe is me.

    • Talk to her, just not about that just yet. Tell her that you wish she's well, have a nice day, not every day thou.

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  • It was over the minute she said she needed to think about it. It was a way to buy time to come up with a gentle way to let you down.

  • Dude that was her was of differing an answer to a question that she was too scared to say "no" to. It's like fishing, sometimes you catch a bunch, sometimes you don't even get a nibble.