Help with a friend who I might like?

Been friends with this girl for 10+ years. The past few months we have had a few drunken hookups, no sex. Almost. She stopped me before it happened. We just kind of sleep next to each other, I don't know, I guess for comfort cause neither of us are seeing anyone. Anyway, we spent a couple days together. I tried to make a move. She was inviting and inhibited at the same time. The next day she says we're dangerous for each other. Anyway, I thought I was starting to like her. We haven't seen each other since. That was like 2 weeks ago. Text occasionally. I've been trying to avoid her but lately want to see her again. Not sure if it's cause I legitimately like her or cause I'm lonely and just want human contact. What should I do?


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  • We are dangerous together sounds like she thinks she could fall for you. Maybe she is afraid it will ruin your friendship. My current boyfriend and I started out being friends for about two years. It kinda evolved into a relationship. It is a very good one. Some risks are worth taking.

    • Do you think I should tell her I'm scared to ruin our friendship too? But, maybe we should take the chance. I know she isn't over her last boyfriend which was more than a year ago. A little ridiculous, but we all have our issues.

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