Does my crush not like me any more? Did my crush lose interest in me?

Me and my crush always saw each other at school, we don't know each other but we always looked at each other and he will smile at me and i will smile back. And he use to always go the same way I go to class. And ever since we came back from the winter break, he doesn't look at me and when he passes by me he doesn't even look at me any more, but his friend turned around and saw me looking at my crush. He doesn't go the same way as I go to class, he use to always come out of his class and look inside my class and now he doesn't do that any more. Its like he forgot all about me.


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  • of course if you didn't appreciate any efforts he made or even yourself showed a sign that you like him - he will move on. guys tend to do that to show that they don't need you - if u want him go tell him or put in some effort
    I'm sure if he did like u, he will start crushing on you again

    they say
    real feelings never go away ! - its an act

    he wants to be in power, he's fed up of getting no where with you

    sometimes us guys just tend to be realistic and give up, we don't like adding more pain to our life by looking at our crushes


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  • It's possible he doesn't like you anymore & likes someone else or he heard something about you that made him treat you differently now. All you can do is ask him what has happened or let go of him & move on

  • Did you give him any sign of being interested in him? If not, he just thinks you're not and moved on (maybe). Maybe he's just debating and wondering about it

  • Snooze, you lose. If you want to date someone, get your act together and move fast. He's moved on. You didn't show interest, so he lost his.


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