How can a guy who has liked a lot of women but keeps getting turned down be a player?

Frequently, when a girl finds out about how many other girls I've had enough interest in to ask out, they treat me like I'm some kind of player, even though I was rejected by 70% of those girls and the other 30% I broke it off before even getting physical or defining the relationship because of foreseen incompatibilities.

Am I really a player just because I've had a hard time finding a girl who is good for a relationship and who didn't reject me? Its not like I've slept with any of these women or labeled a relationship with them, there are just a lot of women I've showed an interest in at one time or another and it hasn't worked out with any of them yet.

Any other takers before I award MHO to the only one who answered?


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  • He can't... he's got the morals of a player, but not the favourable attributes.

    • A guy needs to be somewhat appealing to be successful as a player - being physically attractive helps but so does being charismatic/charming and good at talking, confident and so on. A guy wants to be a player but can't has the same morals as a player, but lacks the skills/attractive attributes.

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    • Well if girls think that you ask out just any girl you meet they might assume you're chasing girls purely for sex, otherwise you'd be more discerning and ask out fewer girls (with common interests or whatever).

    • I didn't post this question to ask what the girls who know me think of me, and frankly, your opinion on that particular topic is unnecessary as you are neither a girl, nor someone who knows me.