Is it wrong to have a preference for white women, especially if they're voluptuously thick shaped?

and how do you white ladies generally feel about Hispanic/Latino men, both Americanized and non-Americanized?

I'm a Mexican-American guy. I don't know why but I have a very irresistable sexual attraction to white women, especially like these white women with such body shapes.

Sorry if I sound creepy and perverted (and a little biased) but I'll get an even bigger hard-on if White women who like like the ones in these pictures, have the southern personality/hospitality since most Southern white women in my experience, are very hard working, tenacious, mature and know how to treat their men right compared to their midwestern, west coast, southwest, northern (with the exception of states that borders Canada) and east coast counterparts.


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  • It's just a preference and some of those women have European ancestry. You like curvy women which is not a bad thing.

    • And I'm white but with Mexican ancestry. Just by the color of our skin does not mean we are not hard workers. I've done construction, yard work, fences, sheetrock. Never complained once. Women are tough but it depends what kind of parents they had and how they were raised.

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    • I often hear how White women from the South actually know how to treat their men compared to their Northern counterparts?

    • It's just a matter of being treated as you want to be treated honestly. Just some southern women may tend to have better morals dealing with respect to their partners than northern counterparts.

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  • No, people have preferences.
    I tend to be attracted to white men with darker complexions and dark hair and Asian men.

  • It's not wrong..
    It's just a preference


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  • I only prefer sporty white girls with brown hair!