How do I approach this girl in high school again?

While i'm a 15 year old guy, I don't know much about life. I'm asking you guys because hopefully I could get a good answer that could help this situation. So this is what happened, this girl moved to my school and I really like her. (I dated her in elementary school so I knew her before hand, not that it matters). I talked to her at the end of the day and we were talking about how she has a limp because of her torn ACL until a friend of her stopped her and had a conversation with her. As I had no part of the conversation with her, I left school since it was the end of the day. So now I don't know how to approach her this Monday, I have no classes with her and all the other guys are drooling over her trying to talk to her. So how do I approach her without coming off to weird, annoying, or despirate?


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  • Casual "sup", casual "so you up for dinner tonight?" And wait for her guaranteed "yes".