Ladies what would you consider a perfect date (outing)? What is the most enjoyable date you've had?

Just curious i'm here to please I am soaking up all these answers and reflecting on myself so that when I find a girl I spoil her lol


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  • The most amazing date I had was in a mini golf since I don't know how to play golf he was trying to teach me and we laughed and laughed I had a really good time it was a cheap and fun experience the best I would say

    • So why didn't anything come of it (single status)

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    • Are you a troll?

    • Nope I'm a gnome

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  • I've never really been like on a legit date before lol. But my idea of a perfect date would be a picnic somewhere with a decent view of the sunset, just talking and enjoying each other's company. That or going stargazing. I've always wanted to do that.

  • definitely a beach date. I'm a sucker for the ocean.
    i dont date much.


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