Help!! There's this girl I like and I want to know if she's still interested in me or not?

there's this girl i like. we started talking in the beginning of November. she's recently divorced (22, two months married, five years of a serious relationship) and she was cheated on which led to the divorce. anyway, she had shown interest from the start... wanting to set up a date and whatnot. I did, but she flaked on me twice. first time she said she had a baby shower she forgot about and then the second time she said that it had a date vibe and wasn't ready to go out just the two of us. when I thought I had made her mad, she said that I didn't in the slightest and that she wanted to make sure I knew that she wasn't interested in pursuing anything right now. thing was she was snapchatting me every day but after she flaked the second time she stopped talking to me. she sent me a snapchat on Thanksgiving and I sent her a couple texts here and there and they got responses but still the convios were short and vague. I swore to myself that the last text I sent to her was going to be the last for awhile. I texted her on Christmas, which she texted back in no time. I just said Merry Christmas... and that was it. I performed the life check text to initiate contact, with success, the other night. We updated each other on our lives and I eventually ask her what she's doing for tonight, She runs down her day but says she's not sure after church. I ask her if she wants to do something, to which she replies that she is unsure. She's unsure because I told a couple of her friends I wanted to date her (obviously a dumb move), and that she isn't ready for that yet probably not for quite awhile. She said it would be weird to go if I still felt that way. I told her that I just wanted to be friends for now like before. She then agreed to go out to Chilis as friends. My question is, does she see potential in me as a future boyfriend?

So I just got back from the get together. We talked about our familes, music and movies and things like that. I expressed to her my love of Bruce Springsteen's music. She said she guessed she'd better start listening to some Springsteen music lol. I asked her what kind of music she listens to (90s pop like Third Eye Blind, Barenaked Ladies, etc.) But at the same time, it would get quiet a couple times here and there.


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  • Honestly I think she does, it might be that's she is feeling pressured. It's good
    you took the initiative to approach her in a friend zone way, continue your friendship, don't EVER push it or make her feel uncomfortable. Like I told
    You I think she does like
    You, so just be patient whenever she is
    Ready you will notice a difference in her approach towards you :)
    Best of luck! :)


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  • Give her time dating after a divorce can be though treat her as a friend and maybe eventually she'll sees you as BF but for now enjoy her company don't overwhelm her

  • No, she doesn't. Sorry, but it really appears as if she's not interested and just wants to be friends but is letting you down easily. It hurts, but you deserve someone who's as interested in you as you are in them, and right now, she's not that person. Go find your girl! Good luck :)


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  • Does she have any children?

    • No she doesn't.

    • Ok that is good, but this person isn't worth your time. She is given at least two opportunities and she had excuses. The whole texting is a sign too. She gradually goes from texting a lot to a few words and even none. Three strikes your out, and it's the third strike. She isn't that interested or she would have already gone out with you on a date. I think it's time to move on. I think though that if you get a different girl and go out, and this divorced woman finds out, she will be jealous and have interest in you. I have experienced this. If I see signs like the ones you said I move on. Especially when they say "I am thinking about it" or "I need to take a break", I will say take all the time you need and I move on in a heartbeat and they typically come running back with interest when they see me with another girl.

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