Getting Mixed Signals - Does He Actually Like Me?

I've been getting mixed signals from a kid on my bus; sometimes it seems like he's flirting, and other times we talk like we're just best friends, is all.
For example, I think he's flirting because he always moves to sit up next to me, tries to make me laugh aand show off, and tries to find excuses to touch my hair/hold my hand/hug me or something. There's a couple of younger kids on our bus who we jokingly tease like they've got a thing going on, so we tried to get them to hold hands. I had everybody around me hold hands to show that it was okay for them to, and when said boy found out one of my hands was free, he climbed across the seats and laced our fingers together (the "romantic" way, and our friends even pointed it out). He tried to hold on for as long as I let him.

Later that trip, he struck up a conversation about abs with the guys around me and decided to use it to have me look at his abs. Then he hugged me from the side.
He's also nudged me playfully and gets anybody who tries to mess with me to stop... somewhat aggressively.

At the same time, he'll tease me and knock me around playfully or talk to me about anything, certainly innapropriate things like we've been nothing more than good friends our whole lives. I've also only known him for a couple of months, and he's almost two years older than me (but only one grade ahead).

At the same time, he found out I'm never been bridge jumping and got really persistent that I come with him (presumably and implied, alone). Is that a date?

I'm just really conflicted. Thoughts?


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  • Stop confusing passion with love because they are two different things, your lover is supposed to be your best friend and more, he not only likes you he's falling for you.

    • That sounds really sweet, and true - thank you for the response.

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  • i think he is testing out the water, so to say. it sounds like he wants to be with you


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