Is there any chance of this girl coming back?

I saw this girl for about 2 months and developed pretty strong feelings for her quite quickly. We went on a few dates, I went to her house to meet her family a few times and we texted eachother almost every day during this time. We never ha sex or even kissed properly but we did a lot of affectionate cuddling and holding hands and stuff when watching movies or whatever.

She recently broke it off and I was pretty devastated. She said that she had done a lot of thinking and realised that she couldnt be with me because apparently i made her feel worse about herself because I was so quiet. I'm not usually a really quiet person but when I was with her and her family for some reason I just didn't talk that much. We got along great when we were alone but I think I just felt slightly intimidated when I hung out with her family.

I always said how much I liked her and I even sent her flowers an stuff, but she just didn't feel like I liked being with her when we hung out because I was so quiet. I really liked this girl but I think she might be seeing someone else already which makes me even sadder. I really regret not being more forward with her but at the back of my mind I always just felt like she didn't want me to be, even though she said she did.

Is there any chance of getting her back? I'm trying to move on but it's so difficult. I know I can't message her because that might just annoy her. I have so much regret and just wish I could make things right with it.


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  • No, nope, never.