Should I prepare for goodbye?

I prevously asked a question about the guy Im dating. He finally texted me so I sent him this message:

hey babe you know I love spending time with you. I took this week to think. I feel that were were heading toward something before Christmas when you came to meet my family. But i dont know it we want the same things anymore what day would work for you to chat.

I got back: we can talk soon, i know i have some explaining to do I don;t mean to hurt you or anything negative towards you, I will expain myself after the weekend when I get home K you are an amazing girl and I still think so (insert my name here)! xoxo.

I told him then Okay but im turning my phone off all weekend to have a me weekend and i would text him Monday. I tend to look on the negative side so I'm trying to be open hearted, but a my brain says prepare for goodbye and my heart says the compliet opsite. What do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think it is as bad as you think.

    • Oh it was he called her his lady on Facebook today. Not sure I'm staying around with a guy who calls another girl my lady.

    • If he did that, then hit the road.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds quite possible that this is goodbye... At least he is doing it nicely by asking to meet up and talk about it in person. It takes a brave person to do that, so the least you can do is go see him and talk it through. Talking might clear things up a bit and he might change his mind.. Just be open to listen and talk to him about how you feel and things will all flow from there. Make sure you take time out for yourself too (which I can see you're doing which is awesome!) - Boys aren't the end of the world, looking after yourself is first priority over everything else! Best of luck xxx