My semi ex boyfriend wants me back but I'm with someone else?

So I was talking to this guy, we met online and talked everyday for almost 8 months. We never actually talked about being an official couple nor did he ever refer to me as his girlfriend. We saw each other 3 times in 8 months and had no physical contact (kissing, hand holding, ect). I finally asked him what he wanted for the relationship, telling him I wanted to be with him and all. He told me he didn't know what he wanted and couldn't be what I needed him to be at that time. We didn't talk much after that and he went MIA pretty much. After around a month I had started to move on and was dating a new guy who I am officially seeing. He found out and told me I had replaced and betrayed him and now won't stop telling me how much he loves me, cares for me and promises to change. He watches everything I do online, if he can't watch me because I've set everything to private he'll watch my boyfriend or watch my Tumblr. Calls from private numbers, has his friends message me and went so far as to having someone call and tell me he overdosed followed by a message 15 minutes later from him telling me he was alive and sorry that someone had took his phone and did that. He is now telling me again how he loves me and can't go on without me. I don't know how to handle this. We have a strong mental connection and I do love him but I also love my new boyfriend who has actually treated me as a girlfriend from day one and was no questioning about it (We have been together almost 4 months). Should I give him another chance or continue with my new relationship? Thanks so much.

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  • The online dude is crazy. If you love the new one, stick with the sure thing.


What Girls Said 1

  • Stay with your new boyfriend. That "ex" of yours sounds like a complete psycho. I wouldn't trust him at all. He seems really possessive and freaky. Why would you even want to give a guy like that a second chance? He didn't want to take it when you offered it, and now that you've moved on he suddenly loves you and stalks you? Something is not right with him. You should cut off all contact with him.