Has anyone ever met their S/O and new it was ment to be?

After a year if tiptoeing around the subject i finally am with my man. But the funny part is that everything just feels so right. It is like i knew that he was ment for me and he told me he feels the same. Even our circle of friends are very similar. Most of his friends are my friends and all the parties we went to we were both at them just at different times. It is like our whole lives we have been circling each other and just never really met. Plus everything just feels so right with him. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


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  • Yes. When you know, you know.

    NOW then, give it some time to confirm, but yes i think it is very possible.


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  • That's exactly what happened to us. We knew from the first day we met that we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives. So far so good!

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