Did I make a mistake opening up to my girlfriend?

Okay. So I've been dating this girl for a month now and she's cool and all but she has a past where all she knows is hurt. I've been trying to show her I'm different in numerous ways but unfortunately she won't open up and im the type of person if I feel like I'm not wanted I leave and dont look back she wanted me to open up so I did I let her know how I feel though Im not mushy guy and still nothing now I've been hurt a hell of a lot too but I'm making an effort for her but now im regretting it so should I close up on her? Put my guard up again? Or what? When I show little care thats when she's under me and is jealous of my female friends like I really am falling for her but I'd be damned if I'm the only one who shows interest in this relationship. I need intake on all of this please and thanks


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  • She sounds like too much work as she has a lot of baggage. Even if you open yourself up, which I don't recommend, she will probably treat you bad as she is insecure as you see. I would just try another girl or if you want keep trying for a little bit more but don't open yourself.

    • You're right

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    • I agree as well im not close minded but Again she has male friends and a guy bf that she talks to a lot so how is that fair if I drop mine? You're helping a lot believe it or not

    • Your right, it's not fair if you drop yours. It's selfish. If your in a relationship, it should be exclusive with no flirting with other people. I mean you can conversate but that's it. If you have to drop hers, she should too. If she is telling you to do so, that's a no no.

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  • you should ditch ur female friends if u want a good realitionship
    she is probably just mad and jealous and needs love and affection

    • ow sounds just like you bitchy girls you should have sex more often

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    • She can have 9999999999 malefriends and you can have one and she won't mind. She trust herself but not you, therefor she don't mind her malefriends, she doesn't care about them because she doesn't see them as a problem. When a girl has many male friends it means she needs a lot of attention because she doesn't get it at home. So that will be your work, and after a while she will let go of them too

    • THANKS AMY !!!

  • This sounds like a Disney movie


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  • are you gay dude -_- never open to a women men NEVER only gay friends with their female friends open up

    • Agreed lol I only opened up because she wanted me to.

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    • Dude you sound like my friends and I lmao thanks you helped a lot

    • glad i could help ^^