Do you only feel empty after having a fight or been without someone you really like for days or have you ever felt empty without someon you dont like?

I had a disagreement with a guy I have been seeing. He told me he felt bad and a few days later he said he felt empty inside. He said he missed me and don't want me to forget about him. Is that a sign that someone may be falling for someone? Have you ever felt empty for someone you didn't care much about?


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  • Yes. I have felt empty for the past 5 months. I've had lots and lots of fights with my ex and I love him madly so it's rough.

    • So is he tge only one you ever had that feeling for... emptiness?

    • Yes. The only one that ever made me feel like this. Which is why I know I really love him. He's made me feel amazing before. Many times. And then when we fight I feel HORRIBLE