I have mixed feelings about my friends with benefits, what should I do?

I have this friend with benefits. And I wasn't attached to him till we started to talked more often, and since he is away for a couple of weeks, I told him that distance makes everything harder. So, he said that I could wait for him, and asked me if I was looking for someone else. And then the topic of exclusiveness came, and it become awkward. He told that he wasn't with anybody else, and I told him that me neither, but I did tried to be with somebody else (that part didn't tell him).
And since that conversation I started to think more of him and confused. What should I do?


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  • I think you were just talking about sexual partners. It's important to be open about how many sexual partners you have in a friends with benefits relationship.

    • About that I was honest, I was in the phase of getting to know someone, so I did't lie to him. But I was looking for someone else.

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