What kind of boyfriend or girlfriend are you?

When it comes to sex are you
1. The one who spontaneously go for sex
2. Ask your partner for sex.

Im talking about a full on relationship or being really close to someone even a fuck bubby...
For myself, im spontaneous. I like to get touchy, start playing with him and then get on top, I do it slow if we have the time. Sometimes I'll give that look that says I wana fuck. I did one time say to my boyfriend at the time "I want some" but he looked at me and was like "you don't have to ask"... so I kinda dont ask anymore, it just happens.

  • Im spontaneous about sex
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  • I ask for sex
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  • I never ask, I just take what's righfully mine *evil laugh* ;)

    • Nice.. Everyone loves a self proclaimed rapist lol

    • My boyfriend has never complained at least ;)