What are some different ways to ask a guy out to Pep Club?

So, yeah, my pep club is Jan 31st and I know who I'm going to ask, i just don't know how. I'm a songwriter and i was thinking about writing a song to ask this guy out but the song would just have a first verse and chorus and that would be the end of it. I just think that if I wrote a song he'd say no to it. I had asked a guy last year (I'm a sophomore right now) and apparently some of the guys in my grade (who are complete jerks) talked to the guy I was going to ask the day before I asked him to Pep club and gave him every reason to say no.
This is a completely different guy that I'm thinking about asking this year too by the way. He and I are in chorus. We also have Spanish together, and Western Civ. (He is REALLY good at western civ too!!!) What should i do to ask him to Pep Club? I want to ask him soon because I don't want to ask him too late and let someone else have the chance to ask him.


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