Do I have a right to feel upset?

Hey guys, I've been seeing this guy seeing mid November and I met him off a dating site. The first date went really well and he's wanted to see me since. After Christmas I haven't seen him in 3 weeks because either I've been away or he's been away with the family. We've already slept together and I'm a little more experience then he is because I'm 21 and he's 20.

Anyways I notice that he doesn't compliment me very much. He hasn't said I'm beautiful or anything. Only cute. Hot, sexy a couple times. I said him last night after 3 weeks and it went really well, we got wings for takeout and had a hockey night that we both planned. When he was dropping me off I asked him what was his favourite part and he said "Honestly when you give me head". I know he likes it a lot but it kind of made me upset how he didn't say just spending time cuddling or talking to me or something like that. I didn't tell him though. I know I'm really sensitive but it made me feel upset. How long should I wait for him to ask me out as his gf?


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  • He is an idiot for not telling you what you wanted to hear, but he is being honest, which is what women always say they want but rarely mean it. He is a guy, of course the blow job was his favorite part of the night. Do you really want honesty or do you want a crafted story that most women prefer to hear? Figure that out, then figure out if you have the right to get pissed or not.


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  • It sounds like e is kinda new to the dating & sex thing. He probably needs some good advice from you. How was the sex? Did he please you or was it all about him?

  • You'll be waiting a while mate.

    You're just a moist vagina for him to fuck at the moment.

  • he probably only wants sex...
    ask him to clarify what he wants, and tell him what you want..

    • He has told me before that he's looking for a relationship and i replied saying the same.. he's been texting me almost everyday since we started seeing eachother. However after I left yesterday afternoon he hasn't texted me yet..

    • ok... well confront him... not in a harsh way, but then ask him where things are at..

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  • You are what I call his cutie convenience, Soulgirl, where he will will mostly call on you when it is most Convenient with him, do 'Takeout,' no compliments and Any would be like pulling hen's teeth and on top of it All-----Honestly, when you give me head.
    He said a mouthful, sweetie, this cocky rooster to boot. I tis showing me This is the topper to his nite, his One big delight when you are together and what he wants the most from you and that Is-------NOT a relationship but a Booty babe call and some wings and things...
    If you stand for this, you will always be stooping for whatever poop he decides to throw your way down the road. I don't see this going very far in the future, however, if you play your cards differently with this man with a hand Joker, you could very well have him jumping through a few hoops for you where you are Not so Available for even 'Cuddling or talking to me,' which he could end up Missing with the Kissing if you were not around for his Head count.
    It's your call, your choice how you want to handle this sticky situation. But being 'Sensitive' is Not your problem but His Problem child pattern is and will be if you don't change something to keep your self respect, should you decide to stay in the game. And if not give him his walking papers and find someone who will appreciate you for the amazing girl he most likely will never get to know.
    Don't count your chickens... this one is taking his sweet time and in no hurry in making Any chick his 'Gf.'
    Good luck. xx

  • If you gave it up too early without y'all even dating he may see y'all as just friends with benefits, if that.

    • I honestly don't know why girls who clearly want a relationship open their legs early, I mean that sends out a totally different message and is it done as a form of manipulation? For example, if I give this guy sex, he'll be sure to commit to me? Is that how some women think?

    • @TheWiseOwl I don't know. I think if you give it up early girls be like why buy the cow when its giving out milk for free or w. e the saying is lol. But sex changes a lot and how both parties view a relationship which unfortunately some have to learn the hard way..

    • Well he has talked to me before about relationships.. even from early on he's asked me what I'm looking for and he said he wants a relationship, too. We talked more about it even after we've slept together. And he has taken me out on dates and payed for me. I treated him out onceā€¦ and he texts me about 5-6 times a week ever since. It's just the parts in my question that's bothering me...