Is it wrong on my part to reject a woman because she's older than me?

I'm a 20 year old guy who spended time with a nice lady. We had feelings for each other... until she told me she was 28 years old. She looks a lot younger than her real age but still. I just told her we can just be friends from now on. Here are my reasons why I'd just never date an older woman:

1) I have nothing in common with them

2) If they have had a horrible break up or divorce, they'll put that same expection for man on me

3) Having relationship with a woman, even just one year older than me, makes me feel like I'm dating my own mother, which is a pretty fucking disgusting feeling to have.

4) If I'm dating an older woman, it makes me feel like I'm the submissive and weak one.

5) There's a possibility that an older women would believe than she's more superior than me simply because she's older and she's a woman. In short words, she'll likely be condescending towards me because I'm a younger male.

6) Older women already don't expect anything positive from younger men or just men in general by assuming that all men, espcially younger than them, are immature and only want sex, which is hypocrisy on their part.

7) Older women don't look all that great without make up because their aesthetic looks age worse than older men.

8) The biggest misconception of older women from men is that they'll treat you like your equal and are more indepenent. Bullshit, there's also older women who will treat you like a sugar daddy instead of a real spouse material and still expect the man to pay for everything no matter how young or old you are, which is embarrasing for an older lady.

Men often complain about how shitty and immature younger girls are and how they play mind games but in all honesty, Older women are really no better. That's why I prefer a woman strictly the same age as me. I'm not your stereotypical guy who would fuck any living thing, including a 50 year old woman.

I'm very selective of who I want to perminantly be with my my life. I may be coming off as a bit of a picky asshole but at least I'm being honest and calling out all of the flaws about older women that a lot of other men are too blind and dumb to acknowledge.


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  • No, but many of your points may not apply to every woman who is only a FEW years older. Eight can be a lot. 1-3, it matters more from person to person.

    • Good. I guess I'm just being selective of women in general, not just older women. I've actually encountered a few older women here who sadly still expect men to pay for everything, no matter how young or old they are. I have an even much smaller amount of respect for those type of women than I do with same-age women and slightly younger women who hold the same exact expectations, especially if the older woman should already have been making more income than the younger male since she's the older one and has more life experience.

    • People can be mature or immature, kind or self centered, compassionate or cold, etc... At any age. Good character is definitely more of a personal thing.

    • Yeah but unfortunately, the majority of women I've encountered have this arrogance of believing that they're more "mature" than men or mature "faster" than men. If that were the case, then my 27 year old sister (who's a single mom) with a 10 YEAR OLD daughter, would already lived on her own and not still live with my parents right now, depending on them for the majority of her problems, including raising her own child.

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  • I can see how those things can be annoying, however those are merely stereotypes. Look at HER specifically, if she fits those things you hate I would't date her either. However if you really like her, i don't see how dating her would hurt you. It is ultimately about seeing if SHE is right for you.

    • Hey. The majority of women have this arrogance of believing that they're more "mature" than us. Thus, making them very selective of the men they want to be with based on their age and financial status, rather than their actual maturity level and quality personality. So why can't men also be just as selective without being called a "homo" or a "sexist"?

    • I agree that some women can be arrogant and pompous. Plus I am not blaming you for being selective. I personally consider myself selective since I think there is no point to going out with someone you won't be happy with. What I meant was that you said you guys had feelings for each other, but you stopped trying to pursue when you found out her age, that's where I meant that If I were you I would still want to see where it goes. Now, it is ultimately your decision.

  • Is it wrong? No. You make some good points. A lot are based on assumptions of the other person. Personally, I'd rather date someone my own age or a little older. Someone who is older is more likely to be willing to settle down and want a long term relationship. I'd still date younger though.

  • Your points are spot on just like mine lol scary