Should I accept it or move on or just take a break from him?

Well In the summerwent on this dating online website where I met this guy who message me first and we exchanged numbers and we would talk and we had a great time. Later that week we met on our first date and it was absolutely amazing. It went really well that I even got a kiss at the end. He told me that the next day he was going to text me and matter of factly he did. The problem though we lost contact until the month of December. We would contact here and there but nothing really came out of it until early December of 2014. At the time I tried to hook him up with my friend because I truly believed he lost interest. He told me that he didn't like that because he went on a great date with me and that I was an amazing person. I told him I thought he got over me and he told me he never said that. So we started talking and we go closer and I went to his place and we hung out and I didn't think that we would kiss but when he walked me in my car I initiated a kiss which he returned and since then we were texting and it really did feel like something here was supposed to happen. We went to third base and from their my attitude toward him change which I've set to believe changed the way he felt for me. I became emotionally attached and I felt that from that he pulled away. I told him that I wanted to be with him and we didn't have to do it now and he told me that it was fine but he wasn't going to rush anything or he isn't playing games but he likes me a lot. So we hung out that day and it seemed good. Then I started to feel the distance and I really didn't want him to disappear. Thinking that I had to move on I had a panic attack and I realized my feelings for him were not becoming healthy. So I decided to put more emphasis on working out and eating healthy. it got better but I am stubborn to let him go, but I know when I get into or start to get into the dating zone my anxiety levels are at an all time high. I just wanted to know what to do?


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  • I think you should talk to him about your anxiety and figure out what exactly it is that makes you anxious. It sounds like he's a very accommodating guy and that he'd try to help you with your anxiety wherever he can. If you're really interested in him and he's interested in you then you should go for it. If it's the sexual stuff that get's you anxious then you can always stick to normal dates and not have sex. Whereas if it's other stuff like being worried he might cheat on you or whatever then that's just something that will fade over time...

    Sorry I can't be of more help, people often have panic attacks for so many different reasons it's hard to give advice without knowing what causes them for an individual. :\


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  • Try your best to move on.


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