New guy I'm dating made a big deal about adding me to his Facebook?

I met a guy a few days before Christmas and just last week we went on a date. It was a wonderful date that lasted for HOURS. He called the next day and asked me over for dinner for this Wednesday.

A few days ago, he texted me and asked me if I wanted to be friends on FB. He asked really nervously like "it might be too soon, and if you don't want to I would understand." I'm 31 and I don't care anything about FB so I said sure, why not? I looked for him on FB and couldn't find him. I texted him back and told him, he says to me "that's okay, I found you." I didn't even know I was searchable but whatever.

My Question is... is this a big deal to and a new girl on FB? Like I said, I'm not a FB person so I don't know the social cues that come with FB.


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  • i mean it sems like he may like u and does not want to go to fast in fear of scareing u away. did y'all meet IRL or online?

    • online

    • okay that makes a lot of sense then. I met my bf online as well. It is a curteosy thing. He likes you but does not want to go to fast and freak u out. normal guys online are aware that there are a lot of creeps so they will take extra steps t make sure the women they are trying to court or date feel safe. as to why he asked if it was to soon.

    • Aaahhh! Okay thanks. Makes sense.

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  • Lol, your boyfriend's a weirdo XD

    No it's not a big deal. Some people have hundreds of friends they probably don't even know.

  • I think he's just really nervous... guys will send half naked pictures with a message like "wassssssup big time!' or "aye bae, lets get drinks" STUPID shit. But I dont think I've ever asked someone to add them on Facebook. Sounds like he knows less about social cues then you do lol.


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