If a guy takes long to ejaculate does that mean the women isn't tight enough?

Does this mean she isn't tight enough?

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  • Not at all. It really depends on the guy and what mood he's in. It also depends on whether he's trying to cum quickly or not. Though there's not as much control involved as you might think though. :P Sometimes I can last for up to 2-3 hours if my girlfriend and I are just going slow and enjoying the sensations so it's certainly not a bad thing. I'd only be worried if he ended up going flat fairly quickly. :)


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  • That isn't likely. He might just be blessed with natural stamina. If it takes really long it might be a side effect of medication he is taking, some anti depressants, for example, are known to affect men and women this way.

  • ok, time to break it down...
    god i hate to tell the secret.
    its kinda a known thing when a guy wants to last longer he masturbates first. if you feel pressure inside your vagina, then it isn't a size issue. does he use anti depressants? they can make you take much longer, too.

    it could be medicine, it could be awkwardness, there's tons of reasons.. talk to him about it and ask him if it feels good. now he could be really polite, but explain to him you really want an honest answer..
    do not ask such things in a populated place... make sure its during alone time. hope this helps :)

    • He said sex with me is amazing and he's always all over me and is always really hard but I don't know maybe I'm just paranoid

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    • then it definitely isn't either of you. dont be so worried and just enjoy your time

    • Thanks. You made me feel tonnes better

  • If he has a lot of experience and has had sex recently it would talk him a long time to come. It means he is a real man.

  • Could be a few other things

    • Such as?

    • Well @pinkfreud mentioned two very good ones. Maybe he was stressing about something. Maybe he already jerked off that day and couldn't cum again. A Girl not being tight enough isn't the only reason guys don't cum.

    • refractory period varies between men, WhoTheHellKnows and asker.

What Girls Said 3

  • Maybe he just wasn't turned on. Or he felt pressured and nervous

    • Maybe I'm not sure what it could be

    • He does ensure that I cum everytime and is very attentive

  • I think, it' s not like that. Some guys take long to ejaculate although they're really egar to have sex. My boyfriend doesn't ejaculate early, too. So, don't worry so much. It's not because of u, lady

  • How long we talkin?

    • 45 mins or more

    • 45 minutes... Maybe he's just trying to make sure she has an orgasm before he does. "Nice guys finish last" taken too literally.

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