Finding someone better? Perfect?

There is a thing that happens a lot to me. When I find myself liking a boy I always have something like a fantasy that they dont match and i dont like them anymore. Like I can find someone better, more goodlooking, that dresses different etc . I am 18 by the way and i really want a boyfriend but these thoughts come up and I think that if i keep thinking that i will end up alone. Do you agree? Can you help me change my perspective? What do you do?


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  • I think you should learn to be thankful for what you have. There might be "better" guys who look better, dress better. But the question is, are they better for you? And honestly, we can't ever really get an answer to that. Its a risk and a painful one too. Can you imagine the pain of being left by someone you like because they found someone better? So I think learning to value and appreciate people will help to not just leave them like that for another. Once you really get to know someone, you might learn amazing things you never thought that person would be capable of. Remember this: "one day you'll realize you lost a diamond while being too busy collecting stones". Goodluck :)

    • Very well told! Thank you, you are so right, I will follow your advice for sure :)

    • You're welcome :) I hope things work out!

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  • "if i keep thinking that i will end up alone."
    Yup, you will. Grass is always greener syndrome, didn't know what the hell that was until someone mentioned it on here.

    Realize that yeah, things could be better, but they could be worse... a lot worse. and the grass isn't greener, it's just different grass.

  • start looking for a new boyfriend before breaking up with your old one... that way you can make a smooth transition...


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  • This reminds me of the episode of Criminal Minds that was on last season where the girl was looking for the "perfect guy." I'm not sure if you watch that show, but she would murder them if they made one little mistake that deemed them imperfect in her eyes. She wanted a fairytale ending, like Cinderella. Actually, I believe that the episode was based off of Cinderella.

    Anyways, I think that you should just wait, and you probably won't end up alone. You'll find the perfect guy for you eventually. (:

    • Yes I love criminal minds :) i will be positive

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