Has your boyfriend/girlfriend ever done this?

My boyfriend and I haven't had our first kiss yet and we've been dating for a month which is completely fine because this our first relationship. But we were in the cafeteria in our college and we're sitting and chatting like usual, then he grabs my hand out of nowhere and looks at very seriously and says, "Do you want a kiss?" So I'm blushing like an idiot and mumbling with my face getting redder by the second, then he pulls out a hershey's kiss and starts laughing hysterically "I meant a hershey's kiss silly~" I just hid my face in a book that I was skimming...

It made me a bit mad for 3 seconds from embarrassment but I just ended up laughing because it was pretty clever XD

So has your boyfriend or girlfriend done anything like this? Or what are some awesome almost-kiss stories? :D


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  • My (ex) boyfriend did that! We were at the pool laying in a lawnchair together and he got on his side and looked at me dead in the eyes and smiled and said "I have a kiss. Just for you." And I got a sideways smile on my face and started blushing and I was freaking out because we never kissed and then he's digging in his bag behind his back and he just stayed staring at me with the same smile and then brought his arm around with a Hershey's in his hand and said "there ya go. There's your kiss." And I went "WHAT? Oh, fine. You're lucky you're sweeter than it is." And he just laughed that laugh that he does when he's made someone mad. It was hilarious but I really wanted to kiss him! And I still do! We never did! :-(

    • I really did with mine too, still do XD

      Guys really know how to mess with our heads XD

    • Yes, especially mine! He did things like that all the time. One reason I'm still in love 😍

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  • One time I was kissing my right hand and... you know, never mind. :(

  • Have neither of you kissed or been sexually active before?


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  • yes... um my boyfriend we do say i love you to each other, because it has been a long time that we have been together, but in time, he will say to me "I love...*pause* french toast" or something that he loves. lol. :) oh it really gets me.. lol. :) :) and then I would tackle him, and tell him that i love him. because i do! :) :)

    • That's amazing X3

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    • I've called mine a nert before XD I didn't know other people used it XD (Our translation is super nerd)

    • Lol.. :) :) it is cute!