please help i don't want to mess this up what are we and what's my next move?

with the help of one of girl friends I have been talking to another girl who iam sort of friends and recently I told her how I liked her and being around and that she was beautiful and that I thou we should hang out more she said what I said ment a lot to her and told me she had considered me a really good friend and liked being around me which shocked me cuz we kinda rarely talked out of school she told me how she was glad I flet I could talk to her about anything and how we could both speak our mind truthfully and said that she is always there for me then said that as far as hanging out goes that with dancing she barley has time for her close friends or mom already and i knew she was a dedicated dancer I told her I understood and that it wasn't bad she didn't have time for her friends and mom and that I didn't mind coming second to them and that I was glad she considered us friends and that I hoped one day we could be more she told me how she was glad I shared my thoughts with her and that it was a good quality In me to be able to express my feelings and she said for right now she would love to keep being my friend and that we could go day by day I told her I'd like that and felt we were on the same page also that I was glad we had the conversation we went on to talk about some other stuff but iam confused because she said we could go day by day so is this the talking stage or just regular friends still and either way what should my next move be

  • She likes me as a friend and is just trying to let me down easy
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  • She is being genuine and could possibly develop feelings
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  • It seems like she is telling the truth. It honestly could be either answer though. Keep talking to her and hang out with her when you both have time. She doesn't seem to want a relationship now, but it can't hurt too much to just keep talking.


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