I need advice ASAPLet me know what y'all think ?

So i've been dating my arab boyfriend for couple of months now and where actually in a long distance relationship until next year ( he's oftly busy so don't much time to talk but were inlove with each other) and i've been talking to my EX he's a asshole but for some reason i still fancy him we haven't kiss or had any sexually contact last but not least i've been chilling with one of my close friends he was dating my best friend sister and now he likes me, and i'm falling for him he's sweet polite and also a babe...

sigh! i'm a mess i know no need for any bad lecture.
Since i'm inlove with my mane boyfriend should i stop talking to the rest of them? Or should i continue until we meet?


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  • Either stop talking to the others, or stop the things with the boyfriend. One or the other. Not both.

    And if you are so in love, you would not be fancying anyone else.

    • I know but we dont get to talk much and at times i really misses him

    • If you want to see them both, then why ask? If you love the man that is not with you, then you will sacrifice. If you can't sacrifice you don't love him that much.

    • You have a point there i will end it.

  • Arab... OH BOY O_O, KA-BOOM!


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