When on a date, is it more important what you do on the date or spend time with the person?

Is it more important what you do on a date (go to a fancy restaurant, a classy theater production, or something) or spending time with the person like walking in the park?


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  • It's all about the time you spend and (for me at least) having a great time. If you take me for a walk in the park and then we grab hot dogs and watch the sunset I'll be totally happy because you remembered those are things I like to do. It doesn't matter so much about the exact setting of the date as much as you taking the time to think it through and find something you know that particular girl will love. Honestly, as much as I appreciate the fun of the dinner-movie date, it's pretty generic and I'm always psyched when a guy wants to do something a little different.

  • It's not what you do it's how you are, so I would have to say spending time.

    • She's special to me and I just feel like I have to do something big for her to know that.

    • It's the little things we notice more, e.g. making her something to eat, putting your coat over her shoulders when she is cold, going the shop then returning with flowers just a little bunch every now and then, giving her just a cuddle (without groping) every now and then when she isn't expecting it. To many get it wrong by doing these big things for the girls with out thinking of the little things which is what we want more well unless she's a gold digger lol

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