His friend that is a girl despises me, should I ignore her?

They've been friends for 2 years, but he goes to her for a lot of things. She recently found out that we're dating, and she flipped the fuck out. She immediately told him, that she doesn't like as well as approve of me. He told me that it doesn't bother him, and that he'll ignore her, because he knows who makes him happy, but I keep getting random messages about how him and I shouldn't be together from her. She obviously had a huge crush on him, and I unknowingly took him from her, so now she's crazy stalking me. I've told him, but he keeps telling me to ignore her, but I can not, when she's skyping and texting me like she's my mother. Basically, should I just listen to him and ignore her, or should I take matters into my own hands?

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  • Just ignore her. She's just jealous and you shouldn't have to deal with her

  • Fighting her is a little extreme. If you can I'd ignore her. If you can't and he won't do anything about it, you're better of without him and drama girl.